Malik Muhammad Afzal Khan,

Malik Muhammad Afzal Khan
Name prefix
Given names
Muhammad Afzal
Also known as
Moris-e-Aala Afghan Lodhi Bahadurgarh

I separate Shajrah containing 8 pages only are printed by this khandan. This Shajrah is added on the request of Mahtab Saeed Khan s/o Saeed-uz-Zaman Khan of Gesupur currently residing in Karachi. There are many relations to this Khandan and this Khandan lived in Bahadurgarh. According to my research Risaladar Noor Muhammad Khan Raees Bahadugarh s/o Muhammad Abdul Rehman Khan dafadar had not good relations with Ubaid Ullah Khan writer of Yadgar-e-Salaf and had printed his own Shajrah compirsing 8 pages only. Print copy of this available from Mahtab Saeed Khan.


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